Sklenik - křest alba Champagne Cork Pop/ after party VJ PLNMN 13.5.2014


SKLENIK is an Indie Pop Band from Prague formed by trio of cousins, originally by duo of Jan and Bóřa Kleník who was at the very first beginnings of Czech Pop and Electronic Dance Scene. Jan was one of the founders of the famous Ohm Square and Bóřa was a member of the cult Liquid Harmony. In 2007 they released their first electronic album Blatce Masters.

In 2012 SKLENIK is adding the third memeber, Bóřa´s brother Štěpán Kleník - a conceptual artist. In November 2013 they release second album Champagne Cork Pop, where electronic beats merge with traditional instruments.

SKLENIK´s Champagne Cork Pop album enchants with cocky yet fragile pop melodies and catches your atention with striking beats and punk elements. Immediately after its release, the band became a number one among the public and leading independent radio stations (Radio 1, Expres Radio).

Initially the strictly family project, is getting ready for their live concerts together with many interesting musicians, among others with swedish drummer Johan Svensson, who played on Britney Spears tours, or with an amazing english singer Charlie One.

20.30 Sklenik
22.00 after party w/ VJ PLNMN (indie pop)

Tickets can be purchased via SMSticket


As of 13. 5. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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