Reverie (US) & LOUDEN + SelfProvoked 14.5.2014

Louden is well known LA producer and DJ. He produces beats for Hip Hop legends as well as Dubstep, Trap and other electronic dance music genres. He focuses the majority of his talent into creating records for his sister, widely known as Reverie.
Reverie is a very well respected and admired rap artist and entrepreneur who organizes her own tours, runs her own clothing line and is strategically making continuous moves towards enhancing her already quickly growing fan base. This rapping graffiti artist is hungry and will stop at nothing to give "real hip hop," as she says, to the masses.
Reverie and Louden  have released many songs and projects together over the past few years and are continuing to grow, having record releases yearly and world tours as well.
Self Provoked describes his style as “tricky”.  He became a YouTube sensation, accumulating over 5 million video views. While contributing in high profile collaborations to sharing the stage with other hip-hop legends.

TICKETS: reservation and payment details on OR you can purchase a ticket at the bar La Loca (Mosaic House) at Odborů 4, Praha.

PRICE: 190Kč / 7 euro

Reverie "Give It Time"
Reverie "It Is What It Is"
Self Provoked "Silly Rabbit"

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As of 14. 5. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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