Noisy Pots (street drumming)  / DJ Big Destiny 15.5.2014


Emil & Jakub (Emil Machain and Jakub Tengler) performed together for the first time in the streets of Brno in the spring of 2011, they attracked people attention with playing on buckets, pots and other stuff from the kitchen and garage. Since then they have had numerous performances in many cities at home and abroad. Over time, they moved from streets to clubs and festivals. For the opening concert of the festival Colours of Ostrava 2013 they invited  keyboardist Michael Šupák from Charlie Straight to sing along with them. They enjoyed the performance so much that they have decided to play in this line-up regularly. That was a beginning of a new project called Noisy Pots.
Zahájení Colours of Ostrava:
Naživo z Metro Music Bar:
One bucket show:
20.30 Noisy Pots
22.00 DJ Big Destiny (r'n'b, dance)
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As of 15. 5. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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