ILLE (CZ) / indie pop 5.9.2014

Singer-songwriter Ille (Olga Königová) was born in Ústí nad Labem, but she already                                                                                                                                                              lives in Prague last few years. In 2005, she joined the musical group from Česká Lípa called Obří broskev, with whom she recorded the album Divers and North. While working on the first desk she met  producer Dušan Neuwerth and together they recorded EP entitled The props (2010/Championship Music). 
EP promoted the concert series, where she performs with a band called simply ILLE. Except Olga the band consits of  guitarists Marek Svoboda (Alaverdi), A.M Almela (Photolab) and drummer Peter Odstrčil (Soliloqui). With them and again with Dušan Neuwerth they realeased debut album ILLE - In your closet that was publish by Supraphon in summer 2013.
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As of 5. 9. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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