Dr. Max (+ Mirek Imrich, Matěj Ruppert, Richard Tesařík, Tereza Černochová, PET Martina Čechová) 10.4


After their glorious return on stage in november 2013, Dr MAX is going to perform in LA LOCA http://www.laloca.cz/en/, and once again in their famous line-up:


Pavel Holý vocals

Roman Holý keyboard, vocals

Jane Jaros percussions

Mirek Linhart guitar

Taras Prodanec guitar

Josef Vízek bass


Dr MAX will be playing their most popular songs „Vaše tělo…uletělo“, „Co ty jsi zač?“, „Rád tě vidím“, „Jak se máš“, „Nejsi sám“… and many many more. Besides this you can hear pieces by Dr MAX guests: Mirek Imrich (Abraxas) Matěj Ruppert (Monkey Business) Richard Tesařík (YoYo Band) Tereza Černochová Martina PET Čechová Dr MAX launched already in 1984 with their first single and music video "Co ty jsi zač". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VHicL6XfNU


Their first album „Vaše tělo…uletělo“ from 1986 became a cult album of the czech music scene and their musical as well as lyricist content is still up to date even now. Quality provided by their superb musicians and lyric writer Dušan Hejbal. So after 25 years Dr MAX again on the czech music scene!


Save the date 10.4.2014 Music Bar La La Loca







Entrance CZK 220,-


As of 10. 4. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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