Anniversary In June  24.6.2014

"The Czech Hooverphonic? No, Anniversary In June!"
If you're someone who loves the "guitar wave" of the first half of the 90s, then listen up. Get ready for "Anniversary in June".
The key factor of the band's sound are the vocals of Linda Dostálková and the guitar sound of Petr Slováček. Petr Slováček is also the key author of the music. The band prepares the release of their first album in spring 2014 and among others it shall include also singles Hannah and The Fall, which were recorded under producer supervision of Dušan Lipert (ex-Ohm Square) and Filipa Gemroth (Make My Heart Explode).
20.30 Anniversary In June 
22.00 DJ after party
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As of 24. 6. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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