ANNA POLÍVKOVÁ this time hiding herself under the stage name Anna Poli, still marvels at her new interest (singing) and with JAKUB XAVIER BARO alias Iby Pop, are ready to show you their original songs, which they call POPŮVKY.

Anna Poli is still trying to find her new identity as a singer. She quit to spoof Zagorka and it´s most likely that she will really perform and sing at the concert, and that is something she wouldn´t even thought about.

Guitarist and singer Iby Pop isn´t shy either and sometimes he outshines Anna with his professional singing.

Since Anna is aware of her singing imperfection, she complets her performance with dance, pantomime, acting as well as bizarre costumes, so you will experience an overall culturel vulture

Besides that, from time to time you can look forward to additional amazing guests - musicians. František Kroupa as a melodic cello contra bassist, DUDU MORAIS as a percussion player is going to add to our duo some of the best rhytms, you will be charmed by KAREL ŠTULO and his piano harmony, DJ MIKULÁŠ backs the music up with a magic variety of all kind sounds and beats.

The group was established in 2009 with their first single "Ment to move", since then many other songs followed and step by step their way of recital crystallize as well. In the present, their concerts are kind of music-drama comedy, which evolves with each following show. Anna´s self-confidence as a singer grows, but her drama speech is her integral part, and merging of these two skills is just bewitching. So at the end everybody gets happy: lovers of music as well as the lovers of theatre...

Looking forward to see you!

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As of 26. 3. 2014 19, it is not possible to make a reservation anymore.
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