Lola běží (CZ) / indie rock (křest debutového alba) 25.9.2014

Lola Běží is a group of 4 energetic guys playing together since 2012: singer Jakub Míchal, guitarist Aleš Petržela, bassist Jakub Jakubec and drummer Petr Baláš. Lola Běží takes pride to play in czech and to continue in the footsteps of the czech pop rock scene. Those guys are going and playing straight to the core, with their catchy melodies, natural and dynamic shows full of energy.
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Lola běží (CZ) / indie rock (křest debutového alba) RESERVATION:
We accept reservations only until 7 pm. This only applies for evenings with concerts and bigger music events (not DJ events). Thank you for your understanding.
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