Intergalactic Lovers (BE) 3.10.2014


Belgium was  always extremely rich in interesting performers within Europe. Just remember Hooverphonic, Soulwax, dEUS or Plastic Betrand. A indie pop foursome INTERGALACTIC LOVERS is a continuation of this excellent tradition. 
Formation from Aaist city, situated about thirty kilometers from Brussels, in 2011 become know thanks to the first debut album 'Greetings & Salutations', which received an enthusiastic response in Belgium and defeated the first rung of the charts. Their second album this year 'Little Heavy Burdens' in that it proficiently follows. 
The group, lead by the charismatic and fragile singer Lara Chedraoui will introduse themself at La Loca  MUSIC BAR & LOUNGE. 
Concert starts at 8 pm. 

ENTRANCE 99, - CZK through SMS Ticket.


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Intergalactic Lovers (BE) RESERVATION:
We accept reservations only until 7 pm. This only applies for evenings with concerts and bigger music events (not DJ events). Thank you for your understanding.
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